How to buy the best wrestling shoes

Even if you are just starting to wrestle, even as a hobby, you are surely aware that you need to wear special shoes to wrestle on a wrestling mat. Wearing regular sneakers can cause injury to you or your opponent and is frowned upon because of how unhygienic it can be if you’ve worn the same shoes elsewhere.

Wrestling shoes are made from a light material and have to be flexible. Their soles are often soft and cushion-like. The shoelaces are made in such a way that prevents them from suddenly untying during the match or training (did you know that you can get minus points if your shoelaces are untied?). They also have to have good traction so that you don’t slip from the wrestling mat. A well-made pair of shoes will have an enormous effect on your performance when wrestling so be sure to pick up the best wrestling shoes you can.

What to look for in wrestling shoes?


Don’t just go online and buy a pair of wrestling shoes in the same size you usually wear. It is well known that sizes differ between brands in any apparel category. Wrestling shoes are no different. Best wrestling shoes will have around an inch of free space in the front so that you can move around in them comfortably without getting any blisters. If you prefer a tighter fit then you can choose something snugger but don’t go below half an inch in the front. Of course, you should also make sure that your feet don’t slip inside of the shoe. This is why ideally you should go to the store and try on different pairs of shoes to see how they feel.


Wrestling shoes are made of a variety of materials to ensure stability and comfortable wear. The soles are most often made from rubber which has been proven to improve traction. The other components can be made from leather. Leather is good if you prefer a sturdy, more protected feel and want your shoes to last longer. Another popular choice is breathable mesh. Mesh is chosen by people who tend to sweat a lot which causes them to slip inside the shoe. Shoes made from breathable material also increase air circulation and can prevent fungal infections that occur when a part of your body spends too much time in a humid environment. So think about your needs and pick the best wrestling shoes for you.


The image can make-or-break the player’s confidence. If you like the design of your wrestling shoes you will become more motivated to put them on and train. Appearance is not everything but can make you look fierce in your opponents’ eyes if you feel and look confident in your new wrestling shoes. So give some thoughts to the design as well!

Wrestling is a contact sport and the players are prone to injuries. Wearing a good pair of wrestling shoes minimizes that risk and increases the player’s performance. So make sure you choose the best wrestling shoes you can, even if they are a bit costly. Your feet will thank you later!

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